March 22nd, 2011

The video I did a bunch of graphics and animation for and finished working on a few weeks ago has finally been released. Right now they have the video only hosted thru AOL video and the compression/quality isn't the best, but hopefully in a few weeks I'll be able to post a higher res version. Anyway watch the video below and here's a quick little write up on the band and video, via Spinner.

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January 23rd, 2011

Hey all and Happy New Year! I just did a little update to my website and added a design section. Go check it out, but before you do watch this little project I've been working on for the past year and which is still currently in progress!

September 9th, 2010

It's been a month or so since my last update so I thought I'd fill everyone in on what I've been up to:

I just updated all the videos on my site to Vimeo's new HTML 5 video specs. So now they'll play on a iPhone!

In work related news, still working at Manic as a Machine Room/Design Assistant. In just the past few weeks I've been able to work on some in-house projects. Did the Title Intro opening to their new Beauty Reel. I'm not sure when they will be releasing it for viewing consumption, but when they do, I'll be sure to post a link. 

Today, I worked on a little animated web banner for them. Not much but hey at least they finally have me doing a few design things.

July 5th, 2010

Just last week I finished a recut of my demo reel. Shaved it down by about 30seconds. Make sure you check it out.

May 5TH, 2010

Hey all, just a quick update to let everyone know what I've been up to. Still working at my current job, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't entertain offers to go elsewhere. I've also been working on my blog Department M2, so go check it out!

January 10th, 2010

Will be starting an internship at Manic tomorrow(Monday)! Finally after about 6 months of looking I finally scored an internship(albeit an unpaid one but beggar's can't be chosers).

November 3rd, 2009

So my freelance stint doing web production for CMJ ended last week. So now I'm back to the job/intern search for anything that's motion design related. 

October 4th, 2009

I'm about 2 weeks into a 5/6 week job doing web maintenance for CMJ and it's corresponding Music Marathon site. Web/HTML isn't even my background or what I went to school for. Can anyone say learning on the fly! The one benefit of this is that I'm picking up some Dreamweaver/HTML skills.

I'm still, however on the search for either an internship or job in the motion design/vfx field. So if anybody out there is looking for an intern or junior designer/vfx compositor give me a shout!

August 11th, 2009

With all this free time I've decided to teach myself Flash. It's pretty cool. Nice addition to use in conjunction with After Effects for animation work.

May 11th, 2009

It's official, I have a Master of Science in Digital Imaging and Design from NYU.

May 7th, 2009

NYU CADA 20009 Showcase being held on May 12th, 2009 from 6pm-9pm. 
This event is open to the public so come and check out all the student animations/films.